Boom Racing 220 Fast Gear Set for Muscle Winch™


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  • This new gear set produces 2.2 times faster rotational speed than the stock setup. If you want more winch speed, this new gear set is perfect. Simply replace the stock gears with the 220 gear set as shown.
    • Operating Speed: 205 rpm @8.4V / 155 rpm @6.0V
    • Torque: 12.5kg/cm [174oz/in] @6.0V / 17.0kg/cm [236oz/in] @8.4V
    For comparison, original stock gear specs are:
    • Operating Speed: 95rpm @8.4V / 72rpm @6.0V
    • Torque: 36KG (500oz) @8.4V / 27KG (375oz) @6.0V