BADASS Heavy Duty Rust-Resistant Rod Ends M4 Nylon (Straight) 21.8MM w/ Stainless Steel Pivot Ball (5.8x3x7.4mm) (10) [RECON G6 The Fix Certified]


  • Because rusty balls are a pain in the butt and longer lasting is always better.

    Looking for a set of good quality heavy duty ball ends? The Boom Racing ball ends are made with durable quality and long-lasting nylon plastic with rust-resistant stainless steel pivot balls. They are smooth and ready to be put to abuse with plenty of unrestricted rotation at the pivot ball joint.

    The Boom Racing ball ends are slightly harder than Traxxas ball ends, giving your shocks / links a more precise fit, while having the elasticity needed to take the abuse in extreme bashing. They don't break down as quickly and last longer.

    Straight style
    Plastic nylon construction
    Black in color
    Stainless Steel Pivot Balls

    Fits M4 rods
    Length 21.8MM
    5.8mm pivot hollow balls (5.8x3x7.4mm) 
    Use M3 bolts

    10 Ball Ends
    10 Pivot Balls