BADASS™ AR44 Ultra Hard Steel Axle Universal Driveshaft (2pcs) for Axial SCX10 II


  • This is the BADASS™ AR44 Heavy Duty Steel Universal Axle Shafts for the SCX10 II.

    This will fit Axial's AR44 plastic housing and the Boom Racing PHAT axle housing.

    BADASS™ is Boom Racing's top-of-the-line ultra hard alloy steel designed and manufactured for heavy duty RC usage.

    • Our new BADASS ultra hard steel
    • Wide steer angle over 50 degrees
    • Very strong and durable
    • Fits AR44 axle housing

    • BADASS™ Ultra Hard Steel Universal Axle Driveshaft (2)
  • This item replaced these previous versions:
  • Product total weight: 42.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Axial SCX10 II BADASS™ AR44 Axle Universal Driveshaft (2pcs)