Axial SCX10 II Brass Portal Axle Conversion Set Front And Rear Set


SCX10 II Brass Portal Axle Conversion Set (Pair front and rear)

Very high quality portal axle conversion set, not cheep but not cheeply made.

Complete Brass portal axle conversion set for the Axial SCX10 II or any scale project requiring a 4 link rear and 3 link panhard front set up.

Use your kit axle cases and gears, these just slide in to that assy and lock down as the standard kit C hubs and rear lockouts

Puts weight down low where needed but not exessive.

Redesign portal knuckle assy and rear lock out assy


NOTE! These will not work with the newer style RTR solid axles that have cap screw rear axle bearing retainers and one piece moulded C hubs!!