AR44 PHAT™ Axle Housings W/ ARMOUR™ Skid Plate 210grams Metallic Silver SCX10 II


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Pair Front And Rear

  • This AR44 PHAT™ Axle Housings comes with ARMOUR™ stainless steel skid plates. The skid plates protect the axle and to slide through rocks. Weighs 210g VS stock 26g, almost 9 times heavier than stock AR44 axles. The bolts do not screw into the axle housing, keep it durable and long-lasting. Fits front and rear for the SCX10 II and for any custom builds. All stock AR44 axle parts are interchangeable.

    • PHAT Axle weighs heavy, keeping your weight down low where it should be
    • Stainless steel skid plate to slide over rocks easier and protects axle
    • Uses all stock Axial parts; gears, driveshafts, hubs and knuckles
    • Plug and play stock setup
    • Hole to hole  183mm
    • Total 215mm

    • 2x AR44 PHAT Axle Housing
    • 2x ARMOUR 1.5mm Stainless Steel with AR44 PHAT Axle Diff Cover
    • 4x Aluminum spacer
    • 4x Nuts
    • 8x Bolts
    • 4x Grub screws
  • Color: Silver
  • Product total weight: 210.00 grams